Ep. 85 - Plant Conservation in the Modern Era

When it comes to conservation, plants have largely been overlooked. We tend to spend a lot more time with "charismatic" species of animals. For instance, 100% of the world's known threatened and endangered animals have been assessed by the IUCN whereas we have only assessed about 5% of plants. This is quite scary considering that so-called biodiversity hot spots are defined by their vascular flora. This is why the New York Botanical Garden is working to improve our literacy of the botanical world. My guest today is Dr. Brian Boom who, among other titles, is the VP for Conservation Strategy for the New York Botanical Garden. Join us for an inspiring conversation about plant conservation in the modern world. This episode was produced in part by  Gregory, Mark, Allen, Desiree, Sienna, Laura, Margie, Troy, and Bryan.

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