Ep. 84 - Project Pine Cone and Other Botanical Adventures

Pine cones are fascinating structures. These scaly organs are the female reproductive structures of conifers. As children we collect them, throw them, decorate them, and even smother them in peanut butter and seeds to attract birds. My guest today takes pine cone collecting to a new level. Renee Popp is retired botanist from the US Forest Service and is the creator of Project Pine Cone. Renee's goal is to amass a collection of cones from every species of pine on the planet. She uses her collection to teach children and adults about not only pines, but also bigger ideas in botany and ecology. Her stories are inspiring in a big way and I know you are going to enjoy this conversation. The episode was produced in part by Gregory, Mark, Allen, Desiree, Sienna, Laura, Margie, Troy, and Bryan.

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Music by Moneycat