Ep. 193 - Begonias!

What most of the world knows about the genus Begonia is only the tip of this botanical iceberg. The genus Begonia is currently the fastest growing genus of plants in the world and with new discoveries pouring in year after year, it doesn't show any signs of slowing up. MY guest today is Dr. Peter Moonlight from The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. His work on this amazing family of plants has greatly increased our understanding of not only the mechanisms driving their diversity but also their biogeographic history. You will also learn that Begonias have a lot to teach us about both herbarium collections as well as ex situ propagation. This is one episode you don't want to miss! This episode was produced in part by Jared, Hannah, Katy Pye, Brandon, Gwen, Carly, Stephen, Botanical Tours, Moonwort Studios, Lisa, Liba, Lucas, Mohsin Kazmi Takes Pictures, doeg, Daniel, Clifton, Stephanie, Rachelle, Benjamin, Eli, Rachael, Anthony, Plant By Design, Philip, Brent, Ron, Tim, Homestead Brooklyn, Brodie, Kevin, Sophia, Brian, Mark, Rens, Bendix, Irene, Holly, Mountain Misery Farms, Caitlin, Manuel, Jennifer, Sara, and Margie.

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Ep. 49 - MuddyBoots Peru

I am one of those people that has always thought of Peru as a giant stretch of Amazonian rainforest. As it turns out, this couldn't be farther from the truth. From dry deserts to high elevation forests, Peru is a wonderfully dynamic place. It is also rich in biodiversity. These are just some of the aspects that inspired Josh Richards to start his own ecotourism company. Josh is using what he has learned over the years to turn this company into something that gives back to the environment. Muddyboots Peru stands out in its mission to go beyond tourism in order to foster a better relationship with Peru's natural heritage. This episode was produced in part by Alan of Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

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