Ep. 40 - Herbaria!

With herbaria closing around the world, I wanted to sit down and talk with someone who truly understands what they stand for. This week I talk with Jamie Minnaert-Grote, the collections manager at the Illinois Natural History Survey Herbarium. Despite having worked in and around herbariums over the last few years, I really didn't grasp their full potential. This conversation was a real eye-opener! 

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Ep. 39 - Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop

Science denial is a real and present danger in our society. From climate change to evolution, it would seem that an embarrassingly large sector of the human population likes what science gives them but hates the questions it asks. Science needs a narrative and it also needs people to tell its stories. Today I sit down for a conversation with one of my favorite science communicators, Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop. I wanted to get to know the person behind this awesome science channel. What follows is a fun conversation about pursuing your curiosities and celebrating the wonders of the natural world.  

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Ep. 23 - Highlands Biological Station Pt. 1

When people found out that I would be living in western North Carolina, there was one sentiment I kept hearing, "You need to see the Highlands Botanical Garden." No one had to twist my arm for that to happen. Highlands is an incredible place which centers around research and conservation with a special focus on endemic plant species. Join me for a tour of the garden lead by Horticulture Specialist Russell Funderburk. As a special treat, here is a link to a photo album of some of the species you will hear about in this podcast: www.indefenseofplants.com/highlands

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To contact Russell Funderburk - rrfunderburk@email.wcu.edu