Ep. 125 - A Conversation With The Plant Messiah

Carlos Magdalena has been called "The Plant Messiah" for good reason. His propagation work at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew has seen species like Nymphaea thermarum (the world's smallest water lily) and the Café Marron (Ramosmania rodriguesii) back from the brink of extinction. Join me for a discussion with this plant whisperer. This episode was produced in part by Allan, Clifton, Holly, Katherina, Shane, Amy, Caitlin, Rosanna, Mary Jane, Jennifer, Sarah, Christopher, Sienna & Garth, Troy, Margie, Laura, and Mark. 

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Ep. 108 - Being a Botanist in Laos

Our guest today is Bryony Smart who is a botanist at the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden in Laos. This is the first botanical garden in the country and because of that, Bryony and her colleagues are working diligently on categorizing and preserving the flora of this amazing country. Their work extends far beyond botany as well. Pha Tad Key Botanical Garden exists as a conduit between the local communities and the myriad plant species they rely on for survival. Join us for a fascinating discussion of what it's like to be a botanist in this position. This episode was produced in part by Mark, Allen, Desiree, Sienna & Garth, Laura, Margie, Troy, Sara, Jennifer, Christopher, Manuel, Daniel, John, Rosanna, and Mary Jane.  

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Ep. 86 - Plant Propagation at Kew

Personally, I think plant propagation is one of the most important skills anyone can have. That is why I was so excited to talk with my guest this week. Rebecca Hilgenhof is a Botanical Horticulturist at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. She has the charmed position of propagation a bewildering variety of plants both for conservation and education. This is a fascinating discussion that I know you are going to enjoy. This episode was produced in part by  Gregory, Mark, Allen, Desiree, Sienna, Laura, Margie, Troy, and Bryan.

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Ep. 68 - From Seed to Orchid: A Behind the Scenes Look at Orchid Conservation

Growing orchids from seed is no simple task. It's not a matter of throwing seeds in soil and waiting for nature to take its course. That is where people like Matt Richards come in. Using specific laboratory techniques, Matt has made a career out of propagating rare and endangered orchids from all over the world. His efforts have led to amazing conservation efforts that are working towards restoring native orchid populations in places like Georgia and Florida. Join me for a fascinating discussion about what it takes to grow and orchid and find out what places like the Atlanta Botanical Garden are doing to save some of our most precious botanical treasures. This episode was produced in part by Mark and Gregory.

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Ep. 34 - Cloud Forest Rescue Mission

A trip up into a Costa Rican cloud forest quickly turned into a rescue mission when we discovered a large chunk of it had been logged for cattle pasture. The ground was littered with plants that would have simply died had nothing been done. What you are about to hear is plant guru, Dave Janas, walking us through the process of rehabilitating the plants we were able to save. In propagating these plants, Dave is preserving at least some of the genetic diversity of these rapidly shrinking habitats. 

If you would like to help Dave in his mission to conserve and propagate Costa Rica's unique flora, consider donating coarse vermiculite to the Wilson Botanical Garden

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Ep. 33 - An Impressive Plant Collection

My friend and horticultural mentor, Dave Janas returns to the podcast. This time In Defense of Plants went to him. You will remember Dave from Episode 15. He lives and works as the Senior Horticulturist for the Wilson Botanical Gardens in San Vito, Costa Rica. This episode was recorded during a behind the scenes tour we got of the garden's plant collection. Along the way we learn a lot about what Dave is working on in regards to propagating native Costa Rican flora. This is a relaxing episode full of the sounds of the jungle. 

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Ep. 32 - Conservation Genetics

There are many ways to conserve plants but there are certainly many obstacles as well. One of those obstacles lies in how many plants remain. Defining an individual in the plant world can be tricky. Genetics offers some ways of getting around this. Join me for a conversation on how genetic tools are being used to conserve an endangered Florida endemic called Polygala lewtonii.

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Ep. 28 - The Friends of Langham Island

I spent the day volunteering with the Friends of Langham Island. They are a group of concerned citizens working to restore Langham Island's unique flora, which includes the endangered endemic Kankakee Mallow. It was a fun day and I met a lot of great people along the way. 


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Strategies for Stewards: from woods to prairies

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Ep. 23 - Highlands Biological Station Pt. 1

When people found out that I would be living in western North Carolina, there was one sentiment I kept hearing, "You need to see the Highlands Botanical Garden." No one had to twist my arm for that to happen. Highlands is an incredible place which centers around research and conservation with a special focus on endemic plant species. Join me for a tour of the garden lead by Horticulture Specialist Russell Funderburk. As a special treat, here is a link to a photo album of some of the species you will hear about in this podcast: www.indefenseofplants.com/highlands

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To contact Russell Funderburk - rrfunderburk@email.wcu.edu

Ep. 22 - American Ginseng

American ginseng is one of those species that most people are aware of on some level. Despite its notoriety, it is hard to track down information on what this plant is as a species. Join me for a discussion with Dave DeViney, a man who truly knows ginseng. This interesting discussion covers many aspects of what makes this plant special.    

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