Ep. 100 - A Tour of My Plant Collection

Wow, 100 episodes! I can't thank you enough. Your support over the last few years really means the world to me. In celebration of this milestone I thought we would do something a little different. Today we are taking a tour of my plant collection. I love being surrounding by interesting plant species. As such, I have compiled quite a living collection of interesting species. Since enjoying plants is best done visually, I teamed up with filmmaker/producer Grant Czadzeck (www.grantczadzeck.com) to bring you a video accompaniment for this episode. This episode was produced in part by Mark, Allen, Maz, Beccah, Desiree, Sienna & Garth, Laura, Margie, Troy, Bryan, Sara, Jennifer, Christopher, Manuel, Daniel, and Mary Jane.

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Music by Moneycat

Video by Grant Czadzeck