Ep. 74 - Plants That Eat Animals: A Conversation With The Carnivore Girl

While looking for a unique and interesting photography subject, Maria Fulmer set her sights on a Venus fly trap. From that artistic exploration The Carnivore Girl was born. It isn't hard to get bit by the carnivorous plant bug. However, an unfortunate majority of folks who attempt to grow these plants are met with failure. Growing carnivorous plants takes a bit of learning but once your bases are covered, you can sit back and enjoy some of the most unique organisms on the planet. From the world famous Venus fly trap to the bizarre pitcher plants of Australia, the carnivorous plant hobby has something for everyone. The Carnivore Girl celebrates all aspects of this hobby all the while working hard at delivering easy to digest, accurate information on how to keep your plants alive. Join me for a fun and interesting conversation centered around our mutual appreciation for these animal-eating plants. This episode was produced in part by Gregory, Mark, Bryan, and Laura. 

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Music by Moneycat