Ep. 53 - Getting to Know the Carnivorous Yellow Butterwort (Pinguicula lutea)

Butterwort may sound like a silly name for a plant, however, the genus to which the name refers is anything but. The genus Pinguicula houses some of the most beautiful carnivorous plants on the planet. Despite their intriguing nature, we know very little about this group of plants. This is where researchers like Sam Primer of the University of Illinois come in. I first met Sam at a conference where she gave a talk about the yellow butterwort of the American southeast. Since then I have been interested in the work she is doing. Because we know so little about this species, Sam has devoted the last few years of her life to gaining a deeper understanding about everything from their carnivorous habit to their ongoing conservation. Sam's work has opened up many new lines of inquiry into this enigmatic group of carnivores. Join us for a great conversation that you are sure to enjoy!

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Music by Moneycat