Ep. 77 - Native Plants and the Human Environment - A Landscape Architect's Perspective

Landscape architects have a unique position. They get to decide the way in which we utilize different plant species in the human environment. The push for using native plants has never been greater and rightly so. Native plants are the cornerstone of a healthy ecosystem. That is where people like Bridgette Moen come in. Bridgette is a landscape architect who has realized the importance of creating more sustainable landscapes that rely on native plants to tie everything together. In a sea of concrete, such landscapes are often the only viable habitat around. Join us for a fascinating dive into the world of a landscape architect who is pushing for more native plants. This episode was produced in part by Gregory, Mark, Bryan, Margie, and Laura. 

If you would like to contact Bridgette, send her an email: bmoen2@gmail.com

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