Ep. 76 - Broomrapes: A Celebration of an Interesting Family of Parasitic Plants

Parasites have earned themselves a bad reputation in our society. We often see them as nauseating freeloaders. This could not be farther from the truth. More and more we are starting to realize just how important parasites are in any given ecosystem. Not only do they promote and maintain biodiversity, they also serve as vital indicators of ecosystem health. My guest today is Brandi Cannon, a masters student at Columbia University. Brandi is busy focusing her education on understanding and conserving an endangered parasitic plant known scientifically as Schwalbea americana. Along the way we get a nice introduction to the broomrape family as well as gain a greater appreciation for the importance of parasitic plants. This episode is produced in part by Gregory, Mark, Bryan, Wonja, Margie, and Laura. 

You can reach out to Brandi via email: bcc2145@columbia.edu

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Music by Moneycat