One Hardy Shrub



One would be hard pressed to find a native shrub with as much adaptability as the dwarf bush honeysuckle (Diervilla lonicera). It is a wide ranging species growing From Saskatchewan to Labrador in Canada all the way down into Georgia. Though it is most often encountered growing on rocky outcrops in the wild, it seems to do equally well under more mesic conditions. It grows rapidly and seems quite fond of suckering. As such, it is an excellent plant for erosion control. 

It is also an important species from an ecological perspective. Many species find this shrub quite appetizing. Its aggressive suckering habitat may be in response to such palatability as it seems to respond to browsing with increased vigor. Its thick growth form is excellent for nesting birds as well as any animal looking for shelter. 

As if cover and browse wasn't enough, the flowers of the dwarf bush honeysuckle are a boon for pollinators far and wide. Flowers range in color from red to yellow and they are accessible enough that many different pollinators benefit from their nectar and pollen rewards. Bumblebees seem to benefit the most from these blooms. It is a real joy to watch a large population of this shrub literally humming with bees. 

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